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4 Simple Steps to Build Your Story Portfolio

4 Simple Steps to...

Build Your Story Portfolio

  • Listen to  Find Tell Share: The Storytellers' Podcast.  An opportunity to hear great stories and find out more about storytelling and creativity.
  • Book an online Telling Stories: Making Business "Lunch and Learn".  Hear a business person's story and you offer feedback, improving your business storytelling skills.
  • Tell your story at Telling Stories: Making Business.  Contact Chris to schedule your story.
  • Book a Discovery Session to find out how Chris can assist with your business and charity storytelling: Text 07887 352841 to arrange.

If you'd like to share a written or spoken story, contact Chris by Email.  

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What Business Owners say about Telling Stories:

“Ready to Tell More Stories!”


I was very surprised! I felt that I never had a story to tell but with Chris’ help, I found that today I had a really positive experience, telling my story and I feel ready to tell some more!

Claudette Delderfield (Swift Change Hypnosis)

“Honest Feedback”


Today, having shared my story for the first time, and being new to sort of stories, I found it really helpful to have some honest feedback from a number of people, who were able to share some tips in how I could reframe the story a little bit, to present it in a more business market. It was really useful to come along and have a chat, share my story but also get that feedback. I appreciated that.

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