The Secret to Engaging and Converting New Prospects

Some people assume you're in business solely to make more money. For people with a greater purpose this assumption can be frustrating!

Building a business takes lots of time, energy and practice. Critically it also distracts you from doing what you set out to achieve in the first place.

When marketing becomes a chore, you lose sight of your vision.  Great marketing turns your vision into reality, it's never a barrier to change.

When you are great at what you do, why is it your prospects do not buy from you?

  • Thousands of other marketing messages drown out your message every day,
  • Conventional marketing language switches off prospects fast,
  • People are unaware they have the problem you solve
  • Customers become used to living with a problem you could have solved months, years or even decades ago.

Therefore, potential customers assume your solution is like all the rest!

You must choose from thousands of marketing approaches.

Choose the few that genuinely help you stand out and get the attention your business deserves.  This will drive the results you need to further your business purpose.

Positive results help your prospects turn effortlessly into happy buyers.  This is what I help you do, by showing you how to demonstrate value, nurture curiosity and build trust. 

Profit is no more the purpose of business than breathing is the purpose of life.

Attributed to John McKay, Economist

One of the proven ways to amplify your marketing is through the power of storytelling.  Successful business owners use the Magic of Stories to market and develop their businesses.

Laura Riley Mums In Need

Helpful to Use for Future Stories

Hi Chris, thank you very much. It’s been a real pleasure to be able to share my story with you all and very very interesting to hear all the feedback, very very helpful and I’m gonna put that into use for any future stories that I tell, so thank you very much Chris and to everybody who listened to my story.

Selina Hafiz SWANNECT

Discovered a Technique of Storytelling

It was absolutely amazing! I think I’ve discovered a technique of storytelling, an introduction at least, which was quite different to what I expected. It was quite an insight of finding out how you can actually evolve round making stories with your life experiences. With my personal life experience it’s quite long-winded, and I kind of told it in one go but from feedback from everyone it’s given me an insight on how I can divide my story, how I can make several stories out of one big story. So, yeah I think it’s been very, very useful, it’s given me a definite insight I wasn’t aware of.

Thank you so much, Chris, for your help as well and I think with your expertise, you can really bring your life story to life and I think the way things are going businesses they need to have a story behind them these days, because that’s what sells your product or your service. They are important element now I think in business.

Business Storytelling: an Unfair Advantage?

We're all storytellers and every business owner tells many stories.  We're so used to storytelling that we become slapdash or don't even notice when we're telling a story. 

Stories are told in spoken or written words for an audience.  Notes you make from your life experience are not a story - they're your raw material.  Business storytellers, the ones who really want to make a difference, develop their skills in these three disciplines:

This way.  That way.

If you know exactly where you're headed ... it's no fun at all!

Find Stories

How do you find the raw material for your stories?  Explore past and contempary stories plus ideas from history, science, data, fairy stories ...

Tell Stories

This is where you take your raw material and craft it into compelling and transforming stories.  Stories that capture attention and hold it while you explain about your business.

Share Stories

The media you use to communicate your stories make a difference.  A move from spoken to written words (or vice versa), for example, makes a huge difference.  This is where you design your story-based marketing strategy.

What's Your Next Step?

Telling Stories: Making Business

Telling Stories is an opportunity to hear a business owner's story and offer feedback.  By helping others, you hone your storytelling skills.  Meets twice a month on Zoom.  Press the button to find the programme:

Find Tell Share Podcasts

Co-hosted by Chris Sissons of Market Together and Jemma Rosenthal of Creative Hearts, "Find Tell Share" covers all things storytelling with a different guest every month.  Press the button to find the recordings:

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  • Three coaching sessions
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Build a Portfolio of stories for your Business

  • Ten stories and sessions in one of three streams
  • Choose (1) new or small business, (2) established business, or (3) Real Work
  • Email comments on revised stories





Assistance with your storytelling needs

  • From one-off story design for a book or keynote presentation
  • To work with your business to develop consistent stories across your staff





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