March 1, 2021


“Find Tell Share” is a podcast co-hosted in Sheffield by Chris Sissons, Market Together and Jemma Rosenthal, Creative Hearts.  It’s the storyteller’s podcast, featuring everything storytelling, especially if you use stories to promote your business or charity (and you should!).  We produce an edition once a month with a guest, watch out for it.

This month we have difficulties taking a small child to school, speculate on what happened to the Hole in the Road and ask what music contributes to storytelling.

February’s Guest – Elaine Mitchell

February’s guest is Elaine Mitchell, Empowerment Coach

Elaine Mitchell
Elaine Mitchell

Elaine is an Empowerment Coach, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, and Author from Sheffield.  A proud Sheffielder with a love of helping people get past their emotional blocks in life to become more of who they are. 
Elaine works with individuals face to face over zoom, to enable them to love and live their life with The Power of Three: Gratitude Acceptance and Detachment. 
Elaine also presents to businesses and charities about confidence, well-being, positive mental health, self-worth and much more. She combines her skills from coaching, healing, and therapies to ensure the clients receive a bespoke service that meets their needs and excels their expectations. 

Elaine loves in no particular order 
Football, Her dog Ruby, her kids Tom and Rose, and of course her husband of 30+ years Steve. She met him at Roxys nightclub in the mid ’80s and has stayed loyal to 80’s music and style. 

You can find details of Elaine’s book, “Seven Steps to Self-Empowerment” here on Amazon:



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Find Tell Share Co-Hosts

Jemma Rosenthal …

Jemma Rosenthal
Jemma Rosenthal

is a Singer-Songwriter, Choreographer/Dancer, Poet, Speaker, Actor, Life Coach and Teacher. She specialises in Confidence and Creative Expression, as well as improving Self-Worth and Healing through Creativity. She gives private and group coaching in Performance Skills as well as Life coaching and Mindfulness.

In 2019 she created her own brand called Creative Hearts and has given workshops and performances in various venues in Sheffield including collaborations with Blend Kitchen, Connection Cafe and Sisters with One Voice (SWOV). She’s also done extensive voice and dance workshops with children and Youth theatres around Sheffield, including Hype Dance Academy and her original song featured in Fusion Youth Theatre’s original production.

Jemma’s aim is to improve awareness of how we can find our voices, be it through song, dance, writing, speaking or otherwise and release our authentic and unique expression to the world as well as sharing our own creative gifts in collaboration with others.

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For more information about “Find Your Voice Workshops”:

Chris Sissons …

Chris Sissons
Chris Sissons

has always loved stories and these days strides the streets of Sheffield always on the lookout for a new story.  He was a Community Development Worker for 30 years and consequently is sceptical about almost everything. 

I’m a marketing coach, using stories to open up business development in surprising ways.  I underline the distinction between real and paid work.  Many people are unhappy because they cannot find time for their real work – as we unravel the lockdown, we’re all challenged to step up and offer the world our own unique insights.  They won’t always work but how else do we find the ones that do?

If you would like to see the Everly Pregnant Brothers “Oyl int Ruwad” (Hole in the Road).

Find out more about Market Together here.  My contact details are on the site.

Text me if you would like a conversation about how I can help you build a story portfolio, find stories for a keynote or develop your real work … 07887 352841

I run Telling Stories: Making Business, storytelling for business owners, on second and fourth Thursdays (usually).  It’s an opportunity to hear a business owner’s story and to offer feedback.  We improve our own storytelling when we help others.  Find the TSMB programme here.  This page is regularly updated.  Click on links in right hand column to register for your Zoom link.  Next meeting is on 11 March …

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About the author 

Chris Sissons

I'm a local business owner, based in Sheffield UK. My business is Market Together and I help business owners, anywhere in the world, use stories to understand their business, develop new products, services and markets as well as to market their business. During the lockdown, stories can help you move your business online and plan for the post-lockdown future.

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