Discover Reasons Customers Buy and Don't Buy

Market Together offers coaching in marketing and business development through stories.  Stories sell when they are compelling, hold attention and point to your products and services.  

Over 60 Business Stories Improved!


How well do you know your own business? Use stories to deepen understanding of your business.  Take this opportunity to journey deeper.


How to develop your business, find new customers, expand locally and/or further afield.


What happens now lockdown is over? Take the best of your lockdown experience and apply it in a new business environment.

Use Stories to Build and Market Your Business

How do you use stories to build and market your business?  Stories create memorable branding, new products and services,  a unique promise to your customers, deeper understanding of the problems your business solves and new markets.

You need three skills:

  • Find stories that help you understand and promote your business.
  • Tell stories that capture attention and effectively communicate about your business.
  • Share stories online and in real life, finding the best approach for each media-type.  

Discover how to make a difference through stories

Even if you usually use a copywriter, you still need a portfolio of stories and to understand how they work for your business in the media you use to share them.

Market Together helps you understand stories, find out how to produce them and so use them to maximum effect.  

Check what business storytellers say about Market Together


Feedback Absolutely Crystallised

It was a wonderful opportunity to trial out a story that has been sitting with me for a while. Obviously, I’ve worked with Chris beforehand to get the flow and the flow is so much more improved than when I started. I can write but it is another matter I think, getting the story together, to perform it. I found the feedback today absolutely crystallised. Well, it gave me a lot of good feedback which gave me confidence and inspiration to go forward with it. It was very focused feedback and I know exactly what I need to do now to take the story to the next level. So, yeah it was fabulous!


Really Worthwhile

Pete Mave - Improve Your ...

Very very useful. It’s what I would refer to as a safe environment to try something out and it was the first time that I’ve shared certain aspects of my background. The title was “Flipping Adversity”, so it was interesting to put forward three different versions of what that actually meant and then through my story to challenge them and see whether they still felt the same definition was relevant to them at the end. But only they will know that because I believe in transparency but I also believe in confidentiality and I also backed that up with no obligation.

But a couple of the feedbacks were great, we even had a visitor from France, which was fantastic, not just the UK, very nice lady but the phrase that kind of like stuck to me was structured and also the fact that they actually got “Flipping Adversity”. So, it meant something to them, it had obviously resonated and the tools that I gave as a way of handling that, potentially, were very well received and lots of note taking was done, which is what I was hoping for.

So, yeah really really worthwhile Chris and thank you for the opportunity. Your feedback as well, you know as always, People on these kinds of things are always worth listening to and I like to hear someone listen to them and understand what it is they’re saying. And then if I’ve got any questions for it to derive my answer, it’s up to me to ask the questions and your structure, of how you run these Telling Stories sessions supports that. So, yes really impressed and grateful. Thank you.

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