Discover New Ways of "Telling Stories” to Market Your Business

Telling Stories: Making Business, formerly a Lunch and Learn, now available online.  Find out how to find, tell and share your stories.  Improve marketing by telling distinctive, compelling and memorable stories.

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Over 50 Business Stories Improved. Service Continues Under Lockdown!


How well do you know your own business? Use stories to deepen understanding of your business.  Take the opportunity during lockdown to journey deeper.


How to develop your business under lockdown. Create new business opportunities, expanding locally and further afield.


What happens when the lockdown is over? Take the best of your lockdown experience and apply it in a new business environment.

Use Stories to Build and Market Your Business

How do you use stories to build and market your business?  Stories create memorable branding, new products and services,  a unique promise to your customers, deeper understanding of the problems your business solves and new markets.

You need three skills:

  • Find stories that help you understand and promote your business.
  • Tell stories that capture attention and effectively communicate about your business.
  • Share stories online and in real life, finding the best approach for each media-type.  

Discover how to make a difference through stories

Even if you usually use a copywriter, you still need a portfolio of stories and to understand how they work for your business in the media you use to share them.

Market Together helps you understand stories, find out how to produce them and so use them to maximum effect.  

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Ready to Tell More Stories!

Claudette Delderfield - Swift Change Hypnosis

I was very surprised! I felt that I never had a story to tell but with Chris’ help, I found that today I had a really positive experience, telling my story and I feel ready to tell some more!


I Can Still Improve My Story

Martin Warrillow - Ask the Warrior

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed telling my story. I’ve learned that there are ways in which I can even improve what I do. I’ve spoken hundreds of times about my story but I’ve learned there are ways in which it can still be improved. I’m going to be putting those into practice next week.

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Sample Stories

Chris Sissons

When I was a child, we would often drive to Wisbech to visit my mother’s cousin, Brian.  He lived with

Chris Sissons

Looking back, roses played a big part in my childhood.  What sticks in my mind, is the rose catalogues.  Every

Chris Sissons

My garden is disappearing under Bindweed!  Last year my neighbour’s landlord cut down a tree.  The contractors did not complete

Chris Sissons

Lots of people wear purple.  It looks good.  But I’ve never seen anyone in purple top it off with a

Market Together
Nautilus shell
Chris Sissons

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